Dangers of online friends:


-You become emotionally attached.
-You can’t hug them whenever you want to which is something you often forget.
-You find people who don’t judge you. At all.
-You have to learn time zones. That’s a real bummer.
-You find people who love you for you.
-You sometimes cry because you just love them so much and get super emotional when you realize they are thousands of miles away from you.

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So somehow I reached 1K followers and to celebrate this I’m doing a promo.

Okay so here we go…


  • you got to be following me. (easy right)
  • and only reblogs count.

And the categories are: 
~ Best URL
~ Best Icon
~ Best Blog
~ Best Theme
~ Best Tags (cus let’s face it, they are hella fun to read)

This needs to get at least 50 notes (sorry but yeah).
And this ends on the 30th of September.

Thanks a million (our should i say thousand, wow sorry, shitty joke) for following me! It means a lot and I appreciate all of you.

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